Please read the following instructions carefully before completing the registration form.


If you would like to attend the conference dinner and/or give a poster presentation, please register due 16 May, 2015.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is FREE for all participants.

Conference Dinner (Supported by Fujitsu Ltd.)

Conference dinner will be held on Thursday, 18 June, 2015 on the restaurant ship of "Luminous Kobe 2". You will enjoy the fabulous cuisine and the views of the city of Kobe and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. Accompanying persons are also welcome to attend the dinner. Thanks to the support from Fujitsu Ltd., the charge will be 10,000 JPY per person. (Early registartion for a further discounted fee is not available anymore.) Please pay the fee in cash at the registration desk.

Important Notes

If you would like to give a poster presentation at this Symposium please complete the registration and then send your abstract by 16 May, 2015. (Please see Poster Session for details.)

Cancellation Policies

The deadline for a cancellation of conference dinner is 27 May, 2015.
Please E-mail to qesc2015[at]

Registration Form

Current number of registation (as of 28 May)

  • Conference dinner (excuding invitees):  55
  • Posters:  61
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ICQC satellite 2015 conference Secretariat
Science and Technology Research Building 4
Graduate School of System Informatics, Kobe University
Rokkodai-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-8501, JAPAN
Phone & Fax: +81-78-803-6110
e-mail: qesc2015[at]

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