QESC 2014

The satellite symposium of ICQC 2015 "Novel computational methods for quantitative electronic
structure calculations" will be held in Kobe, Japan during June 16-20 (2015) under the auspices of Kobe University (Graduate Schools of Engineering, Science, and System Informatics) and RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS).
For general information on Kobe, please visit Feel KOBE.

The symposium will include invited lectures by leaders in the field and poster presentations. The scope of meeting will cover novel computational approaches to electronic structure theory, particularly on the topics:
1) Explicitly correlated approaches
2) Strong electron correlation
3) Stochastic approaches
4) Novel electronic structure methods / interface between physics and chemistry
5) Theorectical and algorithmic development for high performance computing

We welcome you to join and enjoy the symposium.


Seiichiro Ten-no (Kobe University)
Kimihiko Hirao (RIKEN AICS)


Takeshi Yanai (Institute for Molecular Science)
Takahito Nakajima (RIKEN AICS)


Kazuo Kitaura (System Informatics)

Tomotoshi Nishino (Science)

Matsuto Ogawa (Engineering)

Yu-ya Ohnishi (System Informatics)

Yuhki Ohtsuka (System Informatics)

Satofumi Souma (Engineering)

Shigenori Tanaka (System Informatics)

Motoyuki Uejima (System Informatics)


International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science

International Congress of Quantum Chemistry (Beijing)


This symposium is supported by Kobe university (Masuda Foundation and International Exchange Fund), Fujitsu co ltd., RIKEN AICS (RIKEN Symposium), Computer Materials Science Initiative (CMSI), and Kobe city (MEET in Kobe).


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